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Did you know that we provide you both physiotherapy and beauty services from the same place

Siirry alla olevasta valikoista suoraan hoitoyksiköiden sivuille ja lue lisää. Ammattitaitoinen henkilökuntamme toivottaa Sinut lämpimästi tervetulleeksi Kaarinaan.

Designed and manufactured in Finland

We are a Finnish company and our products carry the Finnish key-flag symbol signifying the Finnish origin.

Diter Oy designs and manufactures treatment devices for physiotherapy and beauty sectors. Diter and Ditelle device are hand-made according to your order.
This means that your devices are customized from the start to your specific needs.

Diter devices are designed for physiotherapy treatments. They are used for treating, for example, sports injuries and pain in different parts of the body.

Ditelle is a recognized brand in the beauty sector. Our popular combined treatment devices enable to you do versatile treatments with a single device, including different facial and body treatments.

You are able to buy both Diter and Ditelle devices from our online store.
Our product line also include a collection of home use devices.